Slay it.


With the recent launch of the new GCB website, anyone involved with the GCBOIZ didn’t really know what to expect upon launching and trying to sell apparel in the name of the GCBOIZ.  Obviously, the end goal is to raise capital. Did we sell a million shirts? Not even close. Did we make a dent? Absolutely. We sold more than I had anticipted but we have to keep selling in order to reach some of these goals we have set forth at the beginning of the year. Just what are these goals? Simple

1- Lets  throw an end of season booter party to showcase any footy and discuss milestones, future goals and who really stood out and why. 


2- Raise capital for a scholarship to nationals. Two kids 1 ski/1board. Two very deserving kids. Paid dues, travel and money towards lodging.


3- SLAY IT. Slay it this season. This is the season of growth for all of our BOIZ but for some in particular, going inverted is now part of the program


Clearly we have some supporters. We had a good enough turn out that maybe there is something there with this group and we need to keep this going. In order to make this work, we know we have to build trust with all of GC, the parents, the old, and the young, the cool, the not so cool…. everyone. If you purchased a piece or two or even all 3 from GCBOIZ.COM, we thank you for showing the love and support. Wear that thing proud knowing you're helping doers do. 100% of ALL proceeds from the sales of our merchandise are turned back over to make more profitable merchandise in order to sell and raise more funds. That's how we are doing this for now. That’s the goal of this GCBOIZ website is to get these goods to GC and beyond. Please help spread our words of encouragement. Without you, we are nothing. If you want to get involved or think you can help in some way, please contact us via email. info@gcboiz.com


-GCB Pres.

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