Frequently asked questions

What are the GCBOIZ?

The Grand County Boiz are a group of BOIZ located in (you guessed it,) Grand County, Colorado. The GCBOIZ are different cliques of well seasoned "Action Sports" athletes. We are the ones pushing limits, breaking barriers and taking our respected sports to another level. As a group, we are a collective of like minded individuals whose passions lay outside of “traditional” sports. The GCBOIZ stick together like brothers and even sisters. Thats right, don't let the "BOIZ" fool you. The ladiez are also GCBOIZ and a force to be reckoned with at that. We work together, we play together and we bleed together. The GCBOIZ support our other fellow G's (athletes) no matter what extreme sport it is that we do. We unite as one family of G's watching each other's backs.

Can I be a GCBOIZ member

Answer in short, yes. However, GCBOIZ is a closed group. We invite and promote within our club. Action Sport Skills mandatory along with positive attitude. If you possess these skills then we would recommend you first get our attention by tagging the #GCBOIZ @GCBOIZ on your milestones. We currently support Ski, Snowboard, Downhill MTB, Back Country Sledding, (not the kind you do on a driveway) & Motocross.

Can I have some red G's?

Yes! If you're a GCBOIZ that earns. We have plenty of other stix tho. Just ask! We are happy to link up and get you some stix.

Can my friends and I start a GCBOIZ where we live?