The GCBOIZ (Grand County Boiz) are a collective of like minded individuals whose passions lay outside of “traditional” sports, but we don’t get caught up in skier vs. snowboarder noise, we support our friends and motivate each other to accomplish our goals! For us it’s all about Positive Mental Attitude, Hi5v’s and smiles whether we are snowboarding, skateboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, dirt biking or behind a camera documenting it all. Don’t let the Boiz fool you either. Ladiez are welcome and encouraged! No Bullying, or negativity here just encouragement, friendship and ultimately good times and brotherhood! We started in Grand County Colorado, a small town northwest of Denver known for doing things our own way, and it’s that ethos that we want to share with other like minded peoples. The GCBOIZ have been busy building a community of young and old G’s alike. We are not HATERS. We are motivators. The GCBOIZ encourage others to be more G like. We are PROBLEM SOLVERS and ENCOURAGERS. The GCBOIZ are respectful Gs not renegades. We are lawless yet civilized. The GCBOIZ  will show up with mad G skills but we don't confuse confidence with arrogance. A true G is HUMBLE. The GCBOIZ are made of legends and believers.

R| Cory Govoni

P| Jay Stewart stewartphotoco.com